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Hi Everyone

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Yay, new panties!

I finally broke down and bought some new panties.  I might be posting some pics this weekend of me wearing them;)  Haven’t been on here in a while.  Been really busy with work and stuff, but have a lot of new followers anyway, and would like to give them and my longtime followers something new to check out.  Will post some other pics that I have found as well.  Cya.

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psvix asked: I would like to do 69 with you 😘

Well then, no hi how are you.  Would like to get to know you.  Let’s just get right down to the business of sucking;)

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shotman79 asked: Hi I like your pictures you are beautiful where you from would love to meet you ;)

Thank you sweetie, you are too kind.  As I have told others, would need to spend quite a while getting to know someone before I would get together and meet them.  I appreciate the kind words though.

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superspud100 asked: Hi how are you?im from SA would like to meet you..

Hi back.  I am fine.  That’s sweet, but I take a while to get to know before I go off meeting people.

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Anonymous asked: I love your pics this is the best tumblr ever. The girls just make me stroke

I am glad you like it, but I hope you appreciate them more than just for stroking.

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Anonymous asked: Hey how are you?are you in jbay?

I’m good.  Thank you for asking.  As far as being in jbay?  I have no idea what jbay is, so I’ll have to say no.